When we moved to this house we knew that the kitchen would need to be remodeled and upgraded. It is not just a case of making it beautiful, but it is currently not functional and there is certainly not enough storage. In fact, half of our pantry items are currently being stored in the dining room!


Poorly Painted White Cabinets


Notice all the different angles and all the strange spaces. The counter is at a different angle from the refrigerator. The upper cabinet cannot open all the way.



This fun little drawer only opens this far – unless the dishwasher door is open.



This view shows the interesting layout. A lot of kitchens are designed in the “U” shape. But ours has been designed in the not-so classic horseshoe design. Who would think of doing this?



There is actually plenty of room for a remodel! This wall will become a wall of cabinets – AND STORAGE!



The counter and cabinets to the left will be removed and a new island will be placed where the dog is. So excited for this to get started!!