Waiting for a Futon

Although a lot has been done in our house, there are still boxes everywhere. And a lot of the stuff that has been unpacked has been stuffed somewhere until we can find a permanent home for it. My studio is one of the designated storage spaces. And, although teeny-tiny, it is still waiting for a futon to be moved into it.


Because I have had an overwhelming urge to paint, I set up shop in my dining room. Hopefully, it is temporary, but it is a very pleasant place to work! The ceilings are very high, it has plenty of light from windows, a window seat, and wonderful built-ins. The built-ins became the perfect place to store the art that Lara and I have for sale on Etsy. I was even able to tidy it up a little so it looks pretty good.



I love these built-ins! Not only are they a great place to store art, but they can do it and look good also!


My temporary painting space. Not ideal but it works



Yes, it is true that I am painting on a flat surface! At this time, my easel is among the missing and somewhere in the garage…