starting overIt feels like it has been forever since I have been able to paint. In reality, it has been only for several months, and yet it seems like a lifetime has passed during that time.

Towards the end of last year my husband and I decided that it was time to retire and move to Fairhope, AL. We had been thinking of doing this for several years but now was the right time to get things going. But before we could move on, we had to do something about the house we had lived in for 25 years, and the fact that we had 25 years worth of stuff accumulated plus 25 years worth of work to do around the house.

And so, from January through April, we repaired, we painted, we cleaned, we packed, and I was still working. Reluctantly, I packed my paints.

Fast forward to today, May 18. We are living in our new house in a new city and I am newly retired. There are still boxes everywhere but the desire to paint became to strong to ignore. So, once I found all my materials, it was time to begin.

However, just because the desire is there, doesn’t mean that mind is ready. There is still so much to do to settle in. We shall see how this goes but just playing with paint again is what I need to do.