Art on a Field Trip!

One of the benefits of being a member of the Eastern Shore Art Center (Fairhope, AL) is being able to participate in their Art About Town program, where a good number of local businesses open their doors to allow artists to display (and sell) their artwork. It is a great way to get your art out in the community and especially useful to me, still a newbie to the area.

This morning I hung 16 paintings at The Blake in Malbis, a beautiful assisted care community. They will stay there until the end of September. Hopefully some sales will be generated, but at least I know these paintings help to provide an inviting atmosphere for those living there!


Paintings at Four Seasons Gallery

I am very excited that I was able to carry five paintings to Four Seasons Gallery in Homewood, AL.

Laura and everyone else at Four Seasons are always so friendly and helpful and the new location is awesomely bright and cheerful! I hope all my Birmingham friends can find the time to visit next time they are in Homewood!

For more information about Four Seasons, click here.

Meanwhile, these are the paintings I brought: four abstract landscapes, and a happy orange abstract!

Exciting Art News!

I am really excited to share that Fairhope Sundries is now carrying some of my small paintings!

Fairhope Sundries is owned by the sweet Patty Pieper and is at 315 Fairhope Avenue in Fairhope, Alabama. The store is small but is filled with unique T Shirts, as well as jewelry and other art.

Next time you are in Fairhope, please stop by!

These are several of my paintings that I brought by today…

Kitchen Complete!

Actually, it was complete about 2 months ago, but the roller coaster of life started up and never stopped until just a week or so ago.

The results of the remodel are everything I could have hoped for! It is beautiful, spacious, and user-friendly. I just couldn’t ask for anything better!

‘Twas The Night Before the Beginning of the Kitchen Remodel…







When we moved to this house we knew that the kitchen would need to be remodeled and upgraded. It is not just a case of making it beautiful, but it is currently not functional and there is certainly not enough storage. In fact, half of our pantry items are currently being stored in the dining room!


Poorly Painted White Cabinets


Notice all the different angles and all the strange spaces. The counter is at a different angle from the refrigerator. The upper cabinet cannot open all the way.



This fun little drawer only opens this far – unless the dishwasher door is open.



This view shows the interesting layout. A lot of kitchens are designed in the “U” shape. But ours has been designed in the not-so classic horseshoe design. Who would think of doing this?



There is actually plenty of room for a remodel! This wall will become a wall of cabinets – AND STORAGE!



The counter and cabinets to the left will be removed and a new island will be placed where the dog is. So excited for this to get started!!




My Studio…oops..Dining Room


Waiting for a Futon

Although a lot has been done in our house, there are still boxes everywhere. And a lot of the stuff that has been unpacked has been stuffed somewhere until we can find a permanent home for it. My studio is one of the designated storage spaces. And, although teeny-tiny, it is still waiting for a futon to be moved into it.


Because I have had an overwhelming urge to paint, I set up shop in my dining room. Hopefully, it is temporary, but it is a very pleasant place to work! The ceilings are very high, it has plenty of light from windows, a window seat, and wonderful built-ins. The built-ins became the perfect place to store the art that Lara and I have for sale on Etsy. I was even able to tidy it up a little so it looks pretty good.



I love these built-ins! Not only are they a great place to store art, but they can do it and look good also!


My temporary painting space. Not ideal but it works



Yes, it is true that I am painting on a flat surface! At this time, my easel is among the missing and somewhere in the garage…


Starting New

starting overIt feels like it has been forever since I have been able to paint. In reality, it has been only for several months, and yet it seems like a lifetime has passed during that time.

Towards the end of last year my husband and I decided that it was time to retire and move to Fairhope, AL. We had been thinking of doing this for several years but now was the right time to get things going. But before we could move on, we had to do something about the house we had lived in for 25 years, and the fact that we had 25 years worth of stuff accumulated plus 25 years worth of work to do around the house.

And so, from January through April, we repaired, we painted, we cleaned, we packed, and I was still working. Reluctantly, I packed my paints.

Fast forward to today, May 18. We are living in our new house in a new city and I am newly retired. There are still boxes everywhere but the desire to paint became to strong to ignore. So, once I found all my materials, it was time to begin.

However, just because the desire is there, doesn’t mean that mind is ready. There is still so much to do to settle in. We shall see how this goes but just playing with paint again is what I need to do.